Interview with Ofome Eyanagho AKA The Glow Muva
JUNE 12TH 2020

The Glow Pot, founded by Ofome Eyanagho, is the vegan, cruelty free all natural skincare company that aims to provide affordable and natural remedies to help a variety of skin concerns from acne, to eczema to dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Ofome began her business due to having battled with her own skin for a number of years with eczema. 

"I have suffered from eczema for as long as I can remember. It was always something that played a big part in how I felt and how I viewed myself. I would get pretty bad flare ups sometimes and the appearance of my skin would really knock my confidence and self esteem. As a young girl and teenager I wanted to do all the things my friends were doing like wear cute tops in the summer, or wear makeup but my skin was always a big concern for me, and a lot of makeup products would aggravate it"

We sat down with Ofome and spoke about the inspiration behind The Glow Pot, her obsession with skincare and the importance of look after your mental health during this times of uncertainty. 

Firstly, and most importantly, how are you coping mentally during these times in regard to not only the pandemic, but the global rise of the Black Lives Matter movement?


It's been a lot dealing with everything, it kind of seems like when it rains it pours at the moment and we (black people) literally haven't caught a break since the pandemic began. But on the other hand I am really overwhelmed and happy to see the way the black community have all showed up for each other and are championing the BLM movement globally. So many mixed emotions.


How are keeping on top of your own mental health and making sure you're staying as positive as possible?


Honestly just focusing on my businesses and trying to keep my friends and family feeling happy, positive, motivated and most of all hopeful. I find positivity in the change that is going on around us right now, and how this change is encouraging black people to support each other live never before.


Why was it important for you to start The Glow Pot and has skincare always been a passion for you?


I suffered from (and still do occasionally) really bad eczema growing up and it took a massive toll on my confidence and self esteem. Some of my earliest memories and thoughts on myself were about how ugly I thought I was and how sad my eczema made me. Your skin is the first thing people see when they look at you, and the largest organ in the human body, so it is really important to most people to have "healthy" looking skin. Traditional treatments never had much effect on me and would sometimes worsen my skin, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and start creating home remedies for myself. It was crazy to me at the time how few things were on the market for black people with skin conditions. So I guess skincare hasn't always been my "passion" per se, but it has always played a major role in my life. Starting The Glow Pot was  so important to me because I wanted to build a brand that could be used by everyone, and hopefully help people boost their confidence the way I was able to do with  myself.

I love that, looking at your product lines and all of the incredible formulas you have created, what is your personel favourite?


My favourite product in the whole range is the Antibacterial Honey Face Wash, it's our bestseller and rightly so. It's super gentle, smells great and helps with a range of skin conditions from acne to eczema.


Imma need to cop one of those! It is so important to have and be supportive of black owned business, now more than ever, what are a few of your own favourite black owned business that inspire you?


Wow there are really soooo many! Afrocenchix, Black Girl Sunscreen, Fenty (Rihanna is literally my everything), 10x10VC, Byooti, LappBrand, MDMFlow, Trimit, Food with Dom, Her Hair UK and The Charme Room are just a few that really inspire me. But there are so many more that I haven't mentioned that inspire me so much, our people are so amazing, creative and inspiring!


How do you feel the beauty industry has changed in regards to inclusivity and diversity and what changes do you still want to see?


I feel that there are a lot more niche brands emerging that cater towards black women and women of darker skin tones, but these changes have had to be prompted by a lot of negative press or from us making these changes first ourselves and other brands rushing to copy. Like when Rihanna dropped the 40 shades for Fenty Beauty and all of a sudden now every makeup brand has products for darker skinned people - it's like yeah you're doing it but if you've always had the capability to do so, why be reactive instead of proactive? It's as if we are an afterthought even though black women are the biggest spenders in the beauty industry, so the changes I want to see are either larger brands begin to take our needs seriously and cater to us, or we just keep our spending in house and only support black owned business going forward. 


Talking about being reactive instead of proactive, what is your opinion on big brands and their inclusivity and/or lack of contribution to the BLM movement?


The pull up or shut up movement was a real eye opener and I, like many other black people, was very disappointed to see how little representation we have within these brands. A lot of their statements and contributions to the BLM movement were very superficial and unsatisfactory, and then they released their employee statistics and it all began to make sense. I think this movement is going to trigger a lot of change in the way people shop and again I'm hoping that black people realise that these companies do not care about us, so let's support each other's businesses and build ourselves up. 

What’s a piece of advice you would give to other black and queer people reading this who want to start a business of their own?


Just do it! It's really scary and at times you doubt your ability but you will never know how great your idea is until you put it to the test. I'm nearly 3 years deep and I still can't believe I am where I am with my business, and if I can do it then  you definitely can. There are a lot of resources available for black and queer founders, one of which is the 10x10VC (search the hashttag on twitter, they're super helpful!), backstage capital, founders groups and different forums. But honestly the hardest part is starting up and once you've done that you'll feel better for it. Also, do your research! You need to research everything about the industry you want to go into, your target audience, the market, the problem you are trying to solve, literally everything. The more research you do, the more knowledge you gain and the more credibility you have when it's time to discuss what you're doing.


To finish on a positive, what’s your biggest accomplishment you are most proud of and what are your future plans for The Glow Pot?


I think I'm the most proud of not giving up and getting this far really. I went through a really hard time last year and was ready to call it a day, but I stuck it out (with a lot of help and support from the amazing people in my life). Also, being featured in Cosmo and British Vogue (and now Quazar!) have been amazing accomplishments. My future plans are to get The Glow Pot to be the biggest skincare brand in the world so watch this space! 

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