Text by Charlie Long
2 min read

Okay so, self-isolation is tough. In fact, sometimes it’s more than tough, it f*cking sucks which is why it’s important to make sure you are keeping on top of your mental well-being and practicing self-care during this difficult times. Forcibly being alone and isolating when battling inner thoughts and feelings will eventually take its toll, especially in such an unprecedented anxious time, so we have comprised a little list of things you can try whilst in quarantine to improve both yourself and mind – 

1.    MUSIC


Music has never been more important, whack out some of your old classics or explore new catalogues and just immerse yourself in song. Music has been proven to be an anti-depressant and a mood lifter and who doesn’t love a good little dance around the kitchen every now and then? 


We also have our own little Spotify playlist we have created with a variety of artists you can explore and immerse yourself with here – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4yCppYBxgn7elEmKRXYgTd?si=rVInRYolSzK1Q-YDkJ8D6w


2 .    READ 


I mean other than copping yourself a copy of our brand-new Spring issue to pass the time, now is a good time to catch up on all the good books and online blogs we always never have time for. In a digital, fast paced world, many of us loose the time to enjoy a good sit down and read and if one positive could come out of this, it could be you re-discovering a love for reading.



I mean, I am guilty of falling down a YouTube rabbit hole every night before bed – one minute it will be 9pm and the next its 4am and I will have somehow found myself learning how to make a knitted crochet hat whilst simultaneously watching a documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer  - just the usual darling. 

4.    SOLO-SEX


Haven’t you heard? In 2020 sex is out and masturbation is totally in. Grab yourself your favourite sex toy (or two favourite fingers) and spend some time discovering what feels good for you and practising some self-love.



Dua Lipa didn’t drop 2020’s best single so far for y’all to sit at home and do nothing – get ‘Physical’ bitches. 30 minutes of exercise a day has been proven to lift one’s mood and get them feeling good, so now could be the perfect time to start working out in the comfort of your own home and having that post-apocalyptic bod to get all the aliens (that will no doubt be landing any day now with the way this year’s going) jealous. 



If you’re not someone who enjoys sitting down and reading a book, podcast could be perfect for you – from Gemma Collins to our personnel favourite ‘Queer Talk’ – you can literally find a podcast for just about anything. 



Some of us find spending 2 hours doing make-up in the mirror relaxing whilst others of us are happy to just chill watching a movie with the dog. Whatever you find most relaxing and enjoyable, indulge yourself in it. With all the f*cked up s*it going on, now is the time to just allow yourself to spoil yourself in all things relaxing. 


Make sure you are staying safe, keeping clean and trying to find the positives in this situation. You are not alone and remember, now more than ever, is a good time to reach out to family and friends.