Playful Promises are the lingerie brand that f*cks with the beauty standards put on us by society and celebrates the under-represented within the beauty industry. With Plus size models, male lingerie models and a loud and proud message of sex positivity and body positivity, they are EVERYTHING.

London-based Playful Promises are a breath of fresh air in a heavily saturated industry. In a world of unrealistic beauty standards, queer-phobia and rampant body and sex shaming, Playful Promises give a new life to traditional beauty and welcome people, from all walks of life, with open arms to help the feel their best. 


Playful Promises also regularly partner with social media influencers and beauty activists, most recently partnering with Felicity Hayward. The plus-size model and body positivity activist created a range of designs in over 70 bra sizes. Bras go from A to K, while girdles, bodies, suspender belts and the disco jumpsuit are available in sizes 8 to 26. Felicity Hayward partnered with Playful Promises, as she believes they share the same values in terms of design style, and the promotion of body positivity.

‘I wanted to create a lingerie range for everyone, so that no mater what your size or body type, you can be empowered to feel sexy. I’ve always loved Playful Promises for its wide size range, quirky designs and inclusive and diverse imagery, so to collaborate with them on this collection was an absolute dream.’


They’ve also teamed up with plus size influencer Hunter McGrady, transgender actress Leyna Bloom and are running an on-going ‘Ageless Fashion’ campaign featuring models over 50, As well as the legendary Violet Chachki,  further proving their on-going attempt to create a more inclusive and sexually diverse world.