Nimmo are the London based power house duo making waves in the music industry challenging stereotypes, combating societal ideals and revolutionising what it means to be queer 2020. The pair have toured with Years&Years, appeared in British Vogue alongside the likes of MNEK and Olly Alexander and recently embarked on their own headline tour around the UK where they support other ‘on-the-rise’ artists. 


After growing up and singing together throughout childhood, they released their first single ‘Jaded’ in 2014 with a variety of accompanying remixes. In 2018 they released their first non-single based project with an EP entitled ‘Songs from the Credits’ which featured four tracks including; ‘Orange Skies’, ‘It’s Easier’, ‘East End Streets’ and ‘Highest Window’. In 2020, there is no slowing them down as in March of this year, they welcomed their latest single ‘Do I Have to Learn It?’ A funk-pop mergence that discusses internal issues someone is having within a relationship, all tied together as a warped vocoded voice echoes throughout the track ‘Do I Have to Learn It?’. 


The duo’s voices blend perfectly together as they harmonise their way through their pop-inspired, heavy synth feel good tracks with a sound that can be likened to that of Dua Lipa or Raye. One thing that is also worth noting about the unstoppable Nimmo is that they produce their own tracks themselves, playing the instruments as well as providing the vocals which just adds to the enjoyment of their personnel and immersive excellence within their music. 


On a Friday morning in early March, I had the opportunity to meet Nimmo, as they came into the Quazar studio for a mini photoshoot and sit-down interview, both in coordinated, effortlessly cool outfits. We discussed their hopes for the future, being queer in 2020 and what it was like touring with Years&Years.  

How long have you two known each other and how long have you worked creatively with each other?


We met on the first day of secondary school, age 11 and have been at each others side ever since. From the age of 13 we started little music projects at school which progressed and evolved Into what NIMMO is now 


Whats the best part of making music for you two?


Where it takes you to. The initial outpouring is the first buzz, then being able to put that out to the public and having people feel things back and moving people in different ways. That that initial personal outpouring can then become something that’s then eternal is a crazy feeling.  


What was it like touring with Years & Years - another queer music group?


Fab. It was really amazing to see such an often young audience being so celebratory about identity and so supportive of each other. That was something that we really took away from that experience 


What are your plans for the future?


We’ve recently been doing much more entirely self produced work, to the point of having total control of our vocal production etc, and that’s thrown us further into a whole new world that we’re really excited to keep pushing ourselves in 



Can we expect new material from you both soon?


Of course. We just dropped a new single a new single ‘Do I Have To Learn It?’ And we have a lot more lined up for the year, along side some exciting collaborations that we can't discuss to much right now but big things are coming and it's going to be mad.


What is one aspect of society you would change and why?


Wow where does one begin. In terms of people supporting eachother irregardless of gender and sexual identities, this is something that quite recently has been fought for on a more mainstream platform. It’s incredible to see, but in turn has shed more light on the amount that people so often suffer so much. 

Support. Eachother. More. 



What are your hopes for the future of the LGBTQA+ community?


I think we are heading in the right direction slowly.

A more genuine and broad LGBTQ+ presentation. More open discussing. More support for each other and more speaking up from allies. 



Who inspires your sound the most?


Our city. Our friends. Each other. 



Are there any artists you hope to work with one day?


So many! And so many great producers that we’d love to collaborate with. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’m leaving names out of this! 


What is your favourite part of the music making process, wiring/producing/singing etc?


Writing for sure. That initial outpour we mentioned. When you get that moment of realising you’ve written something you feel super good about. It’s like an adrenaline rush.  




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