Text by Charlie Long
MAY 24th 2020

Yes, were in a pandemic, yes our prime minister is called BJ and yes were in Cum Gate. Wait…

We are currently entering week 9 of lockdown with the coronavirus pandemic proving difficult for all of us; separated from family, unable to visit loved ones and locked away from our everyday lives. With all of us having to comply to the strict rules, it has meant some of us have been unable to attend loved one’s funerals or visit them in hospital, this leaves us all questioning however - why the f*ck was Dominic Cummings allowed to drive 260 miles potentially endangering more lives? The correct answer is white male privilege. I know, gross. 


For a quick back story, as we are all aware, on 18th of March, Boris Johnson told the nation “everyone must follow the advice to stay at home for 7 days should they believe they have coronavirus symptoms.” He also said if one member of the household has covid-19, the rest of the household but stay inside for 14 days, adding that “children should not be left with older grandparents or older relatives as they are vulnerable groups.” On the 22nd, these rules were made stricter and we were told we are only allowed to leave the house for essential travel and items. 


Now, we all had to follow these rules. Relatives were dying, our families were getting ill, we were unable to work, yet Dominic Cummings took it upon himself after having COVID-19 symptoms to drive 260 miles for childcare to an older relative’s house, despite being the same man enforcing these rules on the rest of us. On top of this, Mr Cummings revealed that before his 260 mile drive, he drove 40 minutes to ‘test his eye sight’ to Barnard Castle grounds – what the f*ck!!?


What is most distressing about this situation, is the entitlement and privilege of white elitist men. We can all empathise with wanting to find childcare, but we can all empathise because we are all going through the same thing, the difference is, we aren’t privileged enough to be able to get away with bending the rules for our own benefit. We were given up to £3000 fines, arrested and told everyday by officials to stay inside no matter what the circumstances, our NHS nurses also giving up their homes and leaving their families to keep them safe. The worst part? Not even an apology, instead being told he ‘doesn’t regret what he did’. 


All we can hope is that his actions won’t affect public safety with people following in his lead and that at some point the government will have to do right by the working class and get this man dismissed.