AUG 3RD 2020

Thanks to social media, we have the privilege of being able to watch some of the most formidable talents the beauty industry has to offer, up close and personnel, as they re-shape, re-define and re-mould the world of beauty, one jaw-dropping look at a time.  


Just like it’s important to share Black-owned organizations and businesses to support, forever and always, it’s also important to look at the diversity of our own social media feeds and make sure we aren’t missing out on some of the game’s greatest talents. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the black beauty bloggers y’all should NOT be sleeping on, trust, you don't wanna miss this.

  1. @blackbirdkhai


Non-binary queer make-up artist Khai is one of the most talented and exciting MUA’s on Instagram, repping a simplistically impactful make-up style, they have carved out a space online for gender non-conforming talents, re-shaping the traditional standards of gender-restricting beauty. They also have a passion within music, being both a rapper and a singer, is there anything they can’t do?

2. @paigecolemakeup


We all know the loveable Paige from BBC’s award-winning make-up talent show, ‘Glow Up’, where she captured our hearts in season 1, but she is now taking the industry by storm working with the likes of Leomie Anderson as well as being the mastermind behind some of Bree Runway’s most iconic looks.

3. @sweetmutuals


Revolutionary make-up artist and beauty model, Ali, is one of the go-to Instagram beauty bombshells, with breath-taking looks, jaw-dropping photos and impactful make-up artistry. Often creating awe-inspiring politically charged looks that speak on important topics such as racism, they are definitely a creative that we should all be taking notes from.

4. @quintinmarcell

Quintin Marcell is the breath-takingly beautiful editorial artist creating dream-like looks with a speciality in lip art. With doll-like skin and a killer steady hand, this MUA is one we should all be keeping our eye on in the near future. 

5. @pradaolic 


Myla is a name we should all know by now; the queer high fashion content creator and model is changing the game one effortlessly editorial look at a time. With a knack for being able to turn the simplest look into a runway ready masterpiece, Myla is most certainly one of the baddest b*tches in the beauty world right now. 

6. @bbgrla


Alexandria Daley, otherwise known as @bbgrla, is the formidable high fashion creative redefining beauty with their unbelievable make-up talents. With the ability to make even a simple purple lip look as though it’s just stepped off a runway at Paris fashion week, it is no wonder the incredible artist is so frequently reposted by the likes of Dazed Beauty. 

7. @raggedyroyal


It would be really hard for us to be anymore obsessed with the magic of TheRaggedyRoyal, otherwise known as miss Lauren B. Brown. With an infectious personality and a blessed hand known for creating loud, vibrant looks, Brown is one of the most exciting, loveable and beautiful artists on the internet right now.

8. @okaysophi


We didn’t know it was possible to be as beautiful as make-up artist and content creator, Sophi. As someone who is not only incredibly skilled with a make-up brush, Sophi is an inspiring role model for many, using her 84.4k platform to speak about mental health challenges and normalise the difficult conversations so everyone and all can feel seen and heard by this breath-taking MUA.

9. @wendysworld_xox


It really is Wendy’s world, and were all just living in it, creating some of the most unique and colourful looks on the internet, content creator and influencer Wendy Asumadu truly redefines the meaning of using your skin as a canvas, utilising cosmetics like no other to create art gallery worthy looks.

10. @salty.simmone


Harley Quinn, take a seat please ma’am, Simmone has arrived. This L.A based MUA, is serving looks and stunting pretty as she takes beauty to another level with show-stopping looks, innovative artistry and outlandish high fashion creations.